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Our Guarantee

At Amway, we know that our success depends on the success of the Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) – and on the confidence people have in our business and our products.

That’s why we don’t just talk about consumer protection and customer satisfaction. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards.

If anyone, for any reason,
is dissatisfied with their
Amway purchase, we back our
products with an exceptional
satisfaction guarantee – a
full refund for most products
upon return within a 180-day
timeframe. That’s how confident
we are in our products and
how much we care about our consumers.

Amway’s IBOs know better
than anyone the power and
privilege of business ownership
and they live those values
every day through leadership
and service. IBOs also meet
exceptionally high standards,
including by following strict,
mandatory Rules of Conduct

An IBO can choose to end
their contract within 90
days after initial
registration and receive a
full refund on their registration
fee (Note: Starting January 1, 2024,
the registration fee will no longer
be a sign-up requirement for
new business owners). IBOs
leaving the Amway business
also have a right to return
Amway products with limited


As a Customer

When you make a purchase with Amway, you get more than quality products – you get a promise that we’ll protect your purchase. If you are not satisfied with the product, return it within its satisfaction guarantee timeframe of 180 days, with minimal exceptions, for a full refund.


As an Amway Independent Business Owner

People Are Our Priority

Since the start, people have been our priority. Through foundational resources such as free education courses and the consistent guidance of fellow business owners, Amway supports IBOs every step of the way from humble beginnings to hard-earned success.

Low Cost, Low-risk Opportunity

There are zero purchase requirements and (as of January 2024) no sign-up fees for new business owners. Our success is dependent on the success of hundreds of thousands of IBOs and we are invested in their sustained growth.

Premium Quality Products

Our commitment to quality products makes for happy customers and happy business owners. All Amway™ products—nutrition, beauty, and home—are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.