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Our Impact

Amway was built on the powerful idea that we can be the change for a better world. Our goal is to unite our quality products and thoughtful services with our mission to benefit communities across the Americas and worldwide.

We believe in embedding sustainability into key areas of our business including our farming methods, traceability practices, packaging advancements and manufacturing processes.

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Amway is powered by people who are passionate about giving back to the communities we belong to.

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Advancing Health
Amway is strongly committed to health equity. Since 1983, the Amway family has raised more than $35 million for Easterseals, helping the 1.4 million people with disabilities.
Education and Mentoring
We believe in investing in our future. For over a decade, Amway employees and IBOs have taken great pride in supporting hundreds of kids affected by systemic inequities.
Being a Global Citizen
We have contributed over $200 million in aid towards the COVID-19 pandemic, stepped up in response to global natural disasters and helped over 900,000 children affected by malnutrition in underserved countries.
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communities where we live and work in our latest
U.S. Impact Report.

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Empowering Entrepreneurs

Amway has empowered entrepreneurs with opportunities for over 60 years. Our success is dependent on the success of millions of Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and we are invested in their sustained growth.


Independent Business Owners
(IBOs) running an Amway business
in the United States.


countries and territories in
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people employed by Amway
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“Live to Serve” is one of the core pillars that power the people of Amway. Through over $315 million in charitable contributions and more than 4.5 million volunteer hours, Amway employees have supported over 14.5 million people in the past 20 years. In 2023, alone, Amway IBOs and employees logged over 212,000 hours of volunteer time serving others. From our long-standing philanthropic commitments to causes personal to IBOs and employees, the Amway community always puts service at the center of all their efforts.

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Amway makes protecting the environment our priority. A pioneer in product traceability, Amway has set the bar for consumer trust through sustainable, transparent manufacturing and farming. While many companies only trace one part of product creation, Amway publicly traces the full life of our products from idea, to formulation, to manufacturing to packaging.

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