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About OUR Industry

Asked Questions

What is direct selling?

Companies that offer direct selling opportunities – with minimal startup costs – compensate their entrepreneurs based on personal and team sales volume. About 16.2 million entrepreneurs are involved in the direct selling industry in the U.S. and contribute $42.7 billion in retail sales to the U.S. economy, according to the Direct Selling Association’s 2022 Growth and Outlook Survey.

Do you have to spend money on training and events if you join?

No. Amway offers free training and education to all IBOs through Amway Education, including more than 80 virtual courses and activities in multiple languages. We believe you’re in business for yourself but never by yourself.

How do Amway IBOs make money?*

IBOs earn income by selling Amway products to customers and building a business where they sponsor and mentor others to do the same.

*For the calendar year 2022, the average income from Amway for all U.S. registered IBOs at the Founders Platinum level and below was $852 before expenses. See for details. Earnings depend on many factors, including: customer base, business experience, effort, dedication, and quality and performance of an IBO’s sales team.

Besides earning a little extra, what are some reasons for becoming an IBO?

IBOs meet people from all over the country and the world and learn new skills such as public speaking and relationship building. They have an opportunity to be a part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and receive consistent support to start and run their own businesses.

Can customers and Amway IBOs get their money back if they aren’t satisfied?
  • If anyone, for any reason, is dissatisfied with their purchase, we back our products with a generous satisfaction guarantee. That’s how confident we are in our products and how much we care about people.
  • An IBO can choose to end their contract within 90 days after initial registration and receive a full refund on the $76 paid at registration. IBOs leaving the Amway business have a right to return Amway products pursuant to their contract.