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Amway Annual Spark! Award Winner: Jasmine Vasquez   

A company’s employees are more than a collection of people filling desk space or a manufacturing line. Employees help determine the company culture from top to bottom.  

So, what makes Amway employees special?  

“Live to Serve” is one of the core pillars that power the people of Amway. Service is more than a pastime for many employees — it’s a way of life, and not many embody this value as clearly as Jasmine Vasquez.  

As an Associate Account Manager in Amway North America Sales Division, Jasmine helps Amway Independent Business Owners get across the finish line when it comes to their entrepreneurship goals. Outside of work, however, helping people with physical disabilities get across the finish line is a source of joy. 

Jasmine’s role at Amway is centered around helping to find meaningful solutions for people and enhance their overall wellness. She shares the passion and ambitious spirit of Amway business owners, believing their success is her success. Jasmine goes above and beyond expectations every day, helping deliver exceptional customer experiences and encouraging business owners to challenge themselves and unlock the next level of their entrepreneurship potential. 

Once her workday is done, Jasmine volunteers with myTEAM TRIUMPH, a Michigan-based athletic ride-along program created to help people with physical disabilities experience endurance events like triathlons, road races and more. Jasmine first started volunteering with the organization in early 2023. She was inspired by her son who has Autism and has always taught Jasmine the importance of advocating and championing others with disabilities. 

Helping those who are not able to run on their own get to the finish line and seeing them smile as we cross the line gives me a sense of joy that I can help someone,

said Jasmine. 

For any of these events at myTEAM TRIUMPH, the “Captain” is used to describe the individual racing, and the “Angel” is used to describe the person running, pushing, pulling, and most importantly, encouraging the Captain during the race– a role Jasmine consistently plays, both on the track and off of it. Those who engage with her report that she radiates grit and selflessness, leaving a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to spend time with her. Jasmine is a role model to many and has inspired several coworkers to join her in volunteering for myTEAM TRIUMPH. 

Jasmine was recently recognized as one of Amway’s Live True Award recipients because of her commitment to leading with heart, loving to learn, and living to serve. The award honors individuals who exemplify Amway’s vision and encourage our values, and celebrates the work and actions of our employees deeply rooted in efforts of philanthropy and mentorship– qualities that perfectly describe Jasmine.  

Because giving back to the communities in which we live and work is in our DNA. 

“Giving back has always been a part of me– it gives me a sense of pride knowing I can do small things that mean a lot to others,” said Jasmine.