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Amway Scientist Honored for Championing Emerging Leaders in the Analytical Science Community 

Ada, Michigan — An Amway scientist, Amit Chandra, has been honored by the International Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC) for his dedication to the AOAC and for being a champion for students and new researchers in the analytical science community.   

Amit Chandra who is a Botanical Innovation Fellow on Amway’s Innovation & Science team, received the 2023 Special Recognition Award at the AOAC’s 2023 annual meeting. This award marks Amit’s second from the AOAC, the first being in 2018, where he received the Fellow of AOAC-International Award for his contributions as a volunteer to the institution. 

Revered as a leader in botanical research, Amit has been a staunch advocate for providing opportunities for recognition for his newer colleagues at AOAC and even established an early-in-career mentoring program and panel discussion that takes place during AOAC’s annual meetings. 

“I am incredibly proud of the individuals I have been able to work with and advocate for throughout my time at AOAC,” said Amit Chandra, “I am especially grateful for Amway for continually encouraging my commitment to education, learning, and mentorship within and outside the organization so I’m able to spend my time making a difference within the scientific community.”  

Amit has also served on the Editorial Board of JAOAC-I, the Stakeholder Panel on the Strategic Food Analytical Methods Program, the AOAC Methods Committee on Dietary Supplements and the AOAC Technical Programming Council, during the course of his membership. Additionally, he helps bring in subject matter experts from leading dietary supplement industries to inspire continuous improvement of the science behind botanical ingredients and products. 

Amit is a part of Amway’s world-class innovation team of more than 800 scientists and engineers. Amway also works with a scientific board of 14 advisors who are global leading experts in the fields of health, nutrition and beauty. These teams are the force behind Amway’s vast portfolio of health and wellbeing products and are a key driver in the company’s mission to help people live better, healthier lives. 

About Amway 

Amway is an entrepreneur-led health and wellbeing company based in Ada, Michigan. It is committed to helping people live better, healthier lives across more than 100 markets worldwide. 290,000 Americans have become a part of the Amway model as independent business owners, and the company also employs more than 3,300 individuals in the U.S.