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Educator, Entrepreneur and Inspiration: Meet Marisa Garcia 

It is rare to find someone so certain about their purpose in life. Marisa García is one of them. 

Marisa is an educator and entrepreneur with a strong commitment to service. A proud Californian (having grown up in Salinas and currently living in San José), everything Marisa does is centered around her community. It is this commitment that has impacted hundreds of individuals, throughout her successful career as an educator and business owner.  

Marisa became a teacher to uplift students, particularly those facing adversity, which she relates to only too well. When Marisa was 14 years old, her mother had a medical emergency, causing her to pause her education and become the primary caregiver for her younger sister.   As her mother recovered, Marisa eventually returned to school to complete her high school diploma, and went on to the University of California, Davis, to study mathematics. 

That event left an indelible impact on Marisa’s life and shaped the empathetic approach she brings to educating her students.  Marisa’s teaching mission extends beyond academics; her goal is to instill resilience among her students, those who are most likely to slip through the cracks, guiding them through the tough times they might be facing and helping them navigate a path to success.  She aims to motivate students, particularly her fellow Latina, to embrace STEM fields, which still sees a significant underrepresentation of women of color. Many former students that Marisa mentored are now engineers, a testament to Marisa’s enduring impact. 

People care when they know you care, that you’re not going to give up on them.” 

Marisa’s commitment to uplifting her community is a big part of her joining Amway as an IBO.  Because Amway’s business model provides flexible and accessible business opportunities, she’s able to run her business while she does what she likes most: helping students and spend time with her family. Getting connected to Amway’s extensive wide network of business owners, Marisa noticed how many people from non-traditional backgrounds, like hers, were given an opportunity to build a business through the Amway business model.  The company provides a path to entrepreneurship that does not require startup costs that are out of reach for most people. 

“I felt like I was in the right place for me.” 

Additionally, she knew that with the Amway opportunity her service to the community would not only be in a classroom but far beyond. It would be an opportunity to learn new skills and where she would use her experience working with other individuals to create communities of entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Marisa quickly connected with the company’s vision of empowering people to live better under the principles of freedom, family, hope and reward. Mission and principles that before she was introduced to Amway, Marisa sought to promote in her classroom teachings and now continues to inspire her to share the Amway opportunity with others. 

Service and dedication: these are the values that Marisa brings to Amway and the world. Her commitment to making an impact, a source of undying empathy and a drive to help others, Marisa shows us all how to live giving.