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The History of Nutrilite

In our post-pandemic world, more consumers are investing in preventative health and wellbeing measures. Individuals are increasingly reaching for fruits, vegetables and nutritional supplements to boost their immune systems and keep them healthy.

Many of us may open our cabinets to see a Nutrilite bottle – but do you know the incredible story of how it got there? Here’s a quick look at how that tale unfolded.

Nearly one hundred years ago, Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg was working in China and saw firsthand how poor nutrition and inferior health are connected. While he and his peers were imprisoned by revolutionaries in Shanghai, he gathered plants from around the compound to make soups to nourish himself and his fellow prisoners. He noticed how his concoctions positively impacted their health compared to that of other detainees who didn’t have access to these nutrient-rich plants.

And on that day, the idea for Nutrilite — today’s number-one selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand in the world — was born. Safely back in the U.S., it took another decade of trials and experiments to verify Rehnborg’s hypotheses and develop his first product – Nutrilite Double X.

Nearly a century later, Rehnborg’s commitment to ongoing research and development and his passion for health, wellness and quality ingredients continue on in today’s Nutrilite products – with organic and Earth-friendly farming practices at the core of their development and a rigorous traceability process from start to finish.

The plants contained in Nutrilite products are grown at different corners of the earth in climates best suited for them. Amway owns and operates more than 6,000 acres of organic farmland, growing crops like echinacea, blueberry and valerian at its pesticide-free Trout Lake farms in Washington state, where falcons (like Copper!) provide natural pest control; spinach, kale, alfalfa, lemons and other heat- and cool-loving crops in El Petacal Farm in Jalisco, Mexico; and acerola cherries at one of the largest acerola farms in the world in Ubaiara, Brazil, which just won its 7th Sustainability Award.

Additionally, Amway’s nine-step traceability process for its Nutrilite products is the gold-standard for traceability in the industry. The NutriCert™ method  has been evaluated and verified by many renowned industry third-parties including NSF International , Euromonitor International, and Ecocert SA. It tracks everything from the origin of the plant used in the supplement to packaging and beyond.

And it doesn’t stop there, product engineers run 500,000 tests a year to ensure that each and every Nutrilite product is of the highest quality. Additionally, packaging engineers run more than 30,000 tests in extreme conditions to ensure each product remains pure, safe and effective.

The combination of Nutrilite’s unique history and top-notch traceability standards displays Amway’s individuality as a company. For more than 60 years, Amway has continued to ensure that everyone opening up their Nutrilite bottles will receive the best nature has to offer. And that commitment to quality will be a legacy Amway advances well-into the future.